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Sometime after the battle with the God of Destruction, Beerus, Gohan and Videl return home from shopping, who they had Piccolo babysitting their newly born child, Pan. Gohan states Goku and Cell's battle was not hard to keep up with, leading to the conclusion that Gohan was possibly stronger than Goku, who was fighting at full power. Sometime after the encounter with Golden Frieza, Gohan has been training with Piccolo in order to regain his lost power. He then passed out, although not before telling Goku to stop Turles. As Babidi begins to growl, thinking that the Supreme Kai is possibly right, Shin states that Vegeta and Goku's battle will take quite awhile due to them being almost equal, so he tells Gohan to get angry and defeat Dabura while he takes on Babidi, and everything should return to normal. However, not wanting to fight in the city in fear of causing more damage after Gero had already destroyed half of the city, they fly to a wasteland so they can fight. Shin says they need to hurry to Earth, but Kibito says he'll take Gohan alone, as the two of them would just get in his way, and intends to leave right after he takes him. It also appears as a playable character in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle in both forms. Super Saiyan Gohan was initially going to make his debut appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu prior to his first appearance in the manga. Alongside Videl, the two head over to a supposed suicide jumper and Gohan saves him from a fall. Everyone wonders who he is, and the old man says he's a Supreme Kai from fifteen generations ago, shocking Shin and Kibito. Gohan kills Bojack ending the battle. Gotenks starts off in his Super Saiyan 3 form, calling himself Super Gotenks, the death god (or Grim Reaper, depending on the dub) of justice. Upon arrival, it is apparent that the name holds up, as the planet is pitch black. — Gohan questions Future Trunks' plan to defeat the Androids in "The Hunt for Cell is On! Goku arrives and he and Gohan are given the groceries by Mr. Lao, who encourages them that they can defeat Cell. In Age 804, Gohan begins to research the martial arts of the past, organizing them in his book Groundbreaking Science, introducing concepts such as ki control to the general public and ushering in a worldwide revolution in martial arts. When his emotions run wild, he loses control and taps into some sort of vast hidden power." Piccolo appears having quickly disposed of Rubalt and watches Gohan fights back now. Gohan evaporates Bujin and Bido, killing them with a simple punch and kick. Eventually, following Goku and Piccolo's battle with Super Garlic Jr, the Makyan opens up a void called the Dead Zone and seeing his father in trouble, Gohan manages to awaken his inner power and send Garlic Jr. into it instead. Babidi suggests they all return to the surface, as Majin Buu will soon be at full power and might destroy the ship when he emerges from his ball. Gohan realizes he has to hurry, and asks how he can tap into his hidden power. They are transported to a mountainous range and engage in battle. Two months later, Gohan joins the Dragon Team and Galactic Patrol in preparation for the Galactic Bandit Brigade's assault on Earth. This mastery of Super Saiyan enables full control over the energy output and consumption, completely diminishing strain on the body, even while constantly maintaining maximum power for. He also said that Gohan had greatly surpassed him and if there were any other threats, Gohan would be there to defend the Earth. Goku powers down, disappointed that now Gohan alone can defeat Buu like this. Baby tests Gohan's powers by attacking Piccolo in the area. Piccolo senses power that he can't explain, then Gohan notices it too. I've got a lot of friends and most of them are brunettes. He was most likely posturing in an attempt to impress Shin and the others.) — Gohan confronting Super Buu, Gohan's hidden power is finally unlocked by Old Kai. Goku explains that he can feel and sense out Yakon's movements without even needing to see. After finishing practising, Cocoa kisses Gohan who then nervously flies off quickly, but not before Barry gets several photos of them. Gohan is used in eye drops commercials and Dragon Ball Z school supply commercials, which is a part of the Dragon Ball series' good influence on education and is one of their reach outs. After witnessing Buu's victory, Gohan requests to go next and squares off with his foe, Lavender and is considering taking it slow so he can regain his fighting senses. While outmatched at first, after a reunion with his friends, Gohan eventually manages to overcome and send Garlic Jr. back to the Dead Zone by blowing up the Makyo Star that is powering the villain. Gohan in disguise at the World Tournament. Trunks suggests that they leave him alone, but Piccolo thinks they should bring him along since he did try to stop Majin Buu, in his own way. After Dende takes Krillin to see Guru, Bulma notices that the Dragon Radar is picking up a solitary Dragon Ball in an isolated place (where Vegeta hid it earlier underwater), and has Gohan go retrieve it. They both feel Goku's ki disappear and realize he has turned Super Saiyan Blue and the situation is serious, so they head off to help. Main articles: World Tournament Saga and Babidi Saga. During the Zeno Expo, he fought on par with Lavender, one of the three strongest fighters in Universe 9. — Gohan asking Piccolo to help him to regain his lost power in "The Earth Explodes?! As the battle occurs, Gohan does not have the same fighting spirit as his father nor does he have the desire to kill, thus allowing Perfect Cell to gain the upper hand. Gohan and Goku look to keep going but Tien tells them that is enough as the arena no longer exists. Gohan tells Cell that once he becomes enraged, his hidden power is unleashed, referring to when he attacked Raditz, when he was in training with Piccolo, and when he was fighting Frieza. [21] A V-Jump article for the Universe Survival Saga noted that Gohan's potential is greater than Goku's, and is limitless. — Gohan's inner monologue as he transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time in "The Tables are Turned! "You killed my Dad. Despite Goku and Vegeta's aid against this new merged foe, neither side was able to push back the other. No matter how much he tries, Super Buu is unable to land any damage on Gohan, who easily dodges and blocks all of the monster's strongest attacks. Gohan then transforms into a Super Saiyan (or a Super Saiyan 2 in the anime due to the electrical sparks in his aura), but Kibito doubts it will make much of a difference. During the lunch, however, Goku calls Gohan to tell him what happened. Unfortunately, Vegeta's advantage does not last as Moro achieves greater power after absorbing Seven-Three, much to Gohan's shock. Everyone is shocked to see him. Much later Old Kai uses his unlock ability to bring out the full extent of Gohan's dormant power. During dinner, Gohan confronts Goku about it and Goku says that someone is out to kill him and they promise not to tell Chi Chi, though Gohan tells Piccolo after he realises something is on his mind. When Ginyu takes Tagoma's body and unlocks its full power, while initially overpowered, Gohan compensates with Super Saiyan to knock Ginyu down with two blows, though the captain recovers quickly and insists that he was merely caught off guard. The Saiya Squad fights to defend Earth against the likes of the Ginyu Force, Saibamen, Cell, Super Buu, and Shadow Dragons. Gohan watches in anger as his friend horribly suffers at the hands of the ruthless Spopovich. Gohan then vowed to "put [Broly] back again" after deducing that Broly most likely wanted revenge against Goku for his earlier defeat, and fought Broly to a stalemate. Against Super Buu with Gotenks and Piccolo's absorbed might, Gohan proved able to still compete in raw power, holding his own for a period before being worn down by Majin Buu's superior combat skill and cunning of Piccolo. "Will you train me again? When the Tree of Might forms on the Earth, Gohan decides to join the rest on their mission to stop it though his mother refrains him from getting involved. When Bulma manages to contact Whis, Gohan powers up along with the other Z Fighters to help send out a signal, Gohan then watches as Goku and Vegeta arrive and Goku takes on Frieza. Gohan chooses to stay, since Videl is shocked they don't want to watch Trunks fight Mr. Satan. Personal Status However, when Obuni begins to use his technique of displacing his ki across several copies of himself Gohan begins to struggle finding the real one. While initially able to block it Koicéareta is unable to resist for long and appears to be blown apart by Gohan's attack and seems to be eliminated. shipping: + $29.00 shipping . When first introduced as a young child, he had short and spiky but relatively well-kept hair. Kibito says that originally, no mortals, or Guardians, or even low-ranking Kais could come to this sacred land. Gohan just sighs, saying he only wanted to train quietly. This power up was achieved by a special ceremony performed by Old Kai. Brainwashed Great Ape Gohan was added as a boss in God Mission 7 of Dragon Ball Heroes. Gohan achieves this form in Dragon Ball Heroes during God Mission 5. Eventually they find that Meta-Cooler is the one who has been stealing energy and defeat him. Later when Piccolo is fighting against Seven-Three, the Namekian is overwhelmed and seemingly defeated but is actually saved by Gohan. After Namekians foes fully adjusted to their accumulated power from their countless fellow Namekians while initially pressured by them, Potential Unleashed Gohan fended off the duo, holding his ground long enough for Piccolo to aid him in eliminating the two foes with a Kamehameha. Piccolo destroys the sphere, revealing that the sphere had heat. On Frieza's arrival on Earth, he wears a green tracksuit because he forgot where his gi was. It took my dad everything he had to win their battle last time, and Frieza's powered up to a completely different level. Trunks figures that even if Buu is alive, Gohan can easily take care of him and says he's as strong as their Super Gotenks. Kibito tells them a story about a wizard and a demon. Gohan's feelings for her where so strong that during the Fusion Saga he angrily opposed his father suggestion of using her to bribe the perverted Old Kai to unlock his potential. The fifteen highest scores will pass. Gohan and Goku's spirit firing a Kamehameha at Cell, Gohan using the Special Beam Cannon against Krillin in image training, Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen)'s Full EX Dragon Fist in World Mission. After rejoining with the rest of the remaining team Universe 7, they are attacked by Team Universe 3. Buu looks over and yells that he wants to fight the boys again. Gohan learns about the Tournament of Power. Gohan using Masenko, after becoming enraged by Piccolo's death. Gohan's hobbies are reading, fishing, and research. While struggling and screaming for help, Goku comes to Gohan's aid by using Instant Transmission to punch Bojack. During the training, Piccolo has grown considerably stronger and has become equal to or even surpassed Gohan. Gohan and Goku say their goodbyes to Mr. Lao and Lime and fly back home. Students However, Gohan was soothed by the presence of Icarus, causing Turles to shoot down Icarus and thus Gohan to attack Turles instead. Gohan along with Mr. Satan wanted Pan to be a martial artist but she did not want another warrior in the family. Gohan hides from Super Buu, but the Majin easily tracks him down and continues to taunt him. Gohan and the others are taking on Frieza's men one-by-one but they eventually spread out because there are too many against them. However, Shin states that the creature is Buu and he will kill them. Gohan In Dragon Ball Super Gohan has the potential to become even stronger than his father Goku and friend Vegeta because he is a half-blooded Saiyan. After Goku launches his Spirit Bomb, Gohan asks Piccolo what he thinks has happened. Believing his mentor to be dead, an enraged Gohan tries to go down to Earth, but is held and calmed down by Goku. The version of Gohan who appears using the form wears a copy of the version of Piccolo's outfit he wore in the Cell Games. Dabura replies that he's not running away, he's just found another warrior for him to fight. After Piccolo deemed Gohan's training as complete, Ultimate Gohan tested his progress against his father. Even though he preferred not to, Shin says they must smash through the ship to reach the wizard. Kibito says that's a simple thing, and asks if the color was the same as the excrement of the frogs on Planet Popol. Just before Semi-Perfect Cell can kill Tien, Goku uses Instant Transmission to appear on the battle field. Despite this ability giving Gohan constant access to his most developed capacities, he still requires regular training to properly access this state and thus becomes weaker over time with lack of training like any other. Gohan blocks the attack and thinks about all the other times he was not able to help his friends whenever they were in danger while his friends helped him out if he was in danger. Thanking Bulma, Gohan went home. During the Androids Saga, his hair grew even longer, reaching his thighs, and his Namekian outfit was modified to include black kung-fu shoes and white shins. However, at the last second, Goku uses instant-transmission to transport in front of Semi-Perfect Cell. Goku asks Old Kai if this ability can beat Majin Buu, and he says it's not guaranteed, but most likely it will. With help from King Kai, Vegeta telepathically tells everyone on Earth to raise their hands and give them their energy to defeat Kid Buu. Nevertheless, Gohan sneaks out and manages to save Chiaotzu from a finishing blow by attacking Rasin. Gohan then encountered his supposed challenger and one of the Galaxy Warriors: Bujin. They begin fighting and while initially even, Gohan is pushing back Super Saiyan 2 Goku and blocking all of his attacks with no issues. Goku asks why he'd bother restoring himself so quickly if that was really the case. Mr. Satan will participate automatically, since he is the reigning champion, but they'll now pick the remaining fifteen using a Punch Machine. Finally, ten days have passed and the Z Fighters arrive at the Cell Games for the battle against Perfect Cell. Gohan and the Z Fighters regroup where Frieza and King Cold's spaceship is landing, at Northern Wastelands, but without Goku's help, the Earth appears to be doomed. While retaining all his original memories and individuality, he sees himself no longer as part human or Saiyan, but rather proudly considers himself a Tuffle. Blinded by anger, Vegeta says he will end the fight himself, but Goku intervenes, saying that it's still Gohan's turn and he hasn't lost yet. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. After Frieza destroys the Earth, Gohan gets protected by Whis, along with the others. Gohan, now having seen Buu's behavior for a few minutes, believes that Shin was mistaken about the creature. Now that it's settled, Old Kai explains his unique ability: He can draw out anyone's latent potential and push them far beyond their natural limits. In his base form, Gohan is implied to be far stronger than Androids arc Gohan in his base form, as he far surpasses his younger counterpart even when suppressing his power. Gohan then attempted to stop Broly after he cracked the ground in four with an energy wave by launching into the air, and ended up bracing himself for an apparent attack from the deranged Super Saiyan. During a camping trip, a forest fire is caused by Turles' probe crashing into the forest. Old Kai says the bad guy wasn't afraid of his physical strength, but his fearsome abilities. Gohan unleashes a mighty attack that not even Radtiz can resist! While wearing his blue gi, his obi, wrist bands and shin guards are red but in Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming, the shin guards are reverted to white. In our present I mean. "But there's people I care about! Krillin and Master Roshi suddenly arrive with Senzu Beans. However it is revealed that Universe 3 barely hung onto the edge as Paparoni reveals their trump card, which is to fuse himself with Koicéareta. Garlic Jr. escapes from the Dead Zone, and enslaves most of humanity with the Black Water Mist that he obtains on top of The Lookout though Gohan is unaffected due to hiding in a cave with his dragon friend Icarus at the time. Originally, so new this this massive boost of power, it warped Gohan's attitude, giving him an almost sadistic sense of mind as he wanted to make Cell suffer for his evil actions, whereas before Gohan was a pacifist to a fault who didn't want to hurt the villainous Cell. They prepare to hop down the hole, but first, Goku gives Gohan one of the two remaining Senzu Beans, and tells him to eat it now. Upon meeting with the boys, he then explained who Broly was, and that Goku had beaten him, although he was later horrified when he discovered that Broly had also fought and injured Videl. Gohan powers up to Super Saiyan and attacks but is easily pushed back by Piccolo who is still wearing his weights. Buu screams that he won't allow Gohan to get away with this, and he'll kill him. Baby-possessed Goten immediately plays the offensive against Gohan, trying to force him to power up (making it easier for him to takeover Gohan's body). In Xenoverse 2, while working as an Instructor with Videl his oblivious personality is still present despite his feelings for her (as they are from a time period after the Kid Buu Saga, though still in the early stages of their relationship) as he obliviously asks the Future Warrior to join them when Videl suggests they go to the movies unaware that she was subtly asking Gohan out on a date causing her to angrily uninvite him stating she and the warrior would go to the movies without him out of frustration (she however enlists the Future Warrior's assistance in learning what Gohan likes in an effort to impress him as her attempts have been frustrated by Gohan's well-meaning but pure-hearted obliviousness). Sorry, Robot-san - The Desert of Vanishing Tears, https://tcrf.net/Dragon_Ball_Z:_Super_Saiya_Densetsu, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013) Official Trailer 2 [HD 1080p, Magical Girl: Toon Zone Talks to Saffron Henderson, Dragon Ball Z DVD - Season 6 Box Set (uncut), Martin, Theron, November 25, 2008, Anime News Network, Akira Toriyama Interview: Dragon Ball and Akira Toriyama, https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Gohan?oldid=1938411, Gohan and the orphans vs. Social Workers and Police. Would they all just, disappear or something? And this time around, I'm not gonna just stand by and let them all get hurt!" Gohan begins to wonder if this is hopeless or not. While in this disguise, Gohan still uses his energy-based techniques. Juggling between his school and superhero life proved to be difficult, and his classmates and teachers noticed that he was gone for a long period of time when he asked for bathroom breaks. Vegeta protests calling it boring. Videl, enraged at Barry, calls him pathetic and lacking in self-confidence saying that Gohan has a reason for it and trusts him. Also for the tournament, in the anime Gohan dons the same style gi he wore against Super Buu, while in the manga he dons a gi virtually identical to what he wore at the Cell Games, minus the white cape and shoulder pads. While blind, Gohan's sense of hearing and touch detected Lavender and overwhelmed him. PiccoloGokuShinOld Kai Goku catches Gohan on the other side of the tree and he laughs, ending the flashback. Shin asks Gohan if he also wants to rest, and so they all head off. Gohan soon arrives and knocks Dr. Gero down to the ground, saving Piccolo's life as the Z Fighters gather around. Occupation Seven-Three uses the Great Namekian technique to grow to an immense size. I warned you. An invisible Seven-Three appears from behind the pair and steals their abilities once again. Buu turns everyone, expect Dende, into chocolate and devours them to satiate his hunger, much to Goku's shock. Having been bombarded with numerous shots Gohan says his potential is far from unleashed and accesses his full potential and pushes it one step farther into Super Saiyan shocking everyone. Videl just laughs, saying she'd be glad to see someone knock her arrogant father down a peg, to Gohan's delight. An enraged Gohan unleashes a relentless attack against Frieza. Elsewhere, Goku is forced to return to the afterlife and he immediately sets out to find Gohan in Other World. "My mother can overreact some, which is why I didn't say anything earlier. During this time, Gohan and Piccolo both sense a change in their Namekian foes. Also similar to his father, Gohan is noted as being very attractive by many females such as Erasa and Angela. Gohan returns home with Videl. Piccolo senses the Saiyans making their approach and tells Gohan to be ready, when he suddenly senses a third ki from another direction. Kibito says he's supposed to gain tremendous power, probably more than enough to beat Majin Buu. Appears in Vegeta and Frieza begin provoking each other and Gohan once again asks Vegeta to put aside the past so they can fight for the universe. Gohan then begins to wonder how Chi-Chi would take the news that Goku was coming back, and if she'd even allow him to compete. Kibito plays that down, but then nervously yells that he must be able to use the sword freely. They move out into a mountain plateau and Roshi tells them it is a tag team battle royale just like the tournament. Despite his decline in conditioning and stamina, his power proved great enough in this form to signal Goku from Beerus' planet. Videl says that since it's Gohan, something strange will probably happen. Goku, Krillin, Android 18, and Piccolo each give it a light tap and get in the 200's of it. In the end, Vegeta meets his end at the hands of Frieza, who kills him with a Death Beam. Kibito explains that Babidi takes advantage of the evil in one's heart and controls them via their thoughts. Gohan retreats with Krillin, leaving the battle to Goku. Frieza resumes his attack and Gohan avoids it, powering up to his Ultimate Form and pushes Frieza back with ease. Gohan thinks the legend may have been exaggerated, as he drops the sword’s broken remains. Later while battling Watagash, Gohan completely overwhelmed him when he possessed a bank robber. The Director works the battle into the final scene of the film which is received overwhelmingly positive by the public. A confident Super Buu arrives and Gohan thinks to himself that nothing seems to have changed. Gohan dominates Super Buu after having his hidden power released by Old Kai. In the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, it was noted by Piccolo and Gohan himself that with Goku and Vegeta off-planet, Gohan is the strongest on Earth. Wearing his Great Saiyaman disguise, Gohan and Videl appear to fight the dead who return to Earth. It is not enough to stop Omega Shenron though, and Goku and Vegeta realize there's only one option: fusion. Address Gohan takes to serving Bulma a drink while she complains about his father not being in attendance to the party. They'll start torching the whole planet if we walk away." The stroller jumps over a ravine and heads for a tree where it crashes and breaks. Out of practice and lacking knowledge of his opponent's tactics, he'll have to learn as he goes. During filming, a bank robbery takes place and Gohan, in Great Saiyaman gear, actually flies away to go and take care of it. Grandpa Gohan makes one small appearance during a flashback that Goku has at the end of the Dragon Ball GT series. Superhero (as Great Saiyaman)Supreme Kai DiscipleScholar[4][5]Professor's AssistantStunt DoubleLeader of Team Universe 7 (Tournament of Power; anime only)Galactic Patrolman (Temporarily Deputized) Shin solemnly apologizes for his weakness. Debuts After an hour has passed, they suddenly feel Super Buu approaching. Relatives They defeated him, however Darkness Towa appeared and forcefully merged Android 18 into Super 17, causing him to greatly power up. He loses his Dragon Ball hat that is picked up by Lord Slug. Once recovering and using Super Saiyan, Gohan finally defeated Watagash. After ten days, Videl has developed her flight skills to the point of being able to fly freely, putting an end to her training with Gohan. "[36], IGN's writer, D. F. Smith, liked how during the Cell Games Gohan has more screentime than Goku, and praised his scenes as one the biggest moments from such story arc. Against Universe 3's modified warriors, Potential Unleashed Gohan fended off Borareta, Koitsukai, and Pancéa, adapting to their attack patterns and overwhelmed them enough to force their merger into Koicéareta. Kibito teleports away with Gohan, and Old Kai scoffs that he didn't even get a thank you for all he's done. Later, Super Saiyan 2 allowed Gohan to free the Z Sword from its stand and lift it when all Supreme Kais failed before. Buu asks Gohan what he thinks about his new form and says he should be honored to witness the birth of the strongest Majin. They ask Gohan if he would be willing to join their team, but he explains that he is busy hunting down a mysterious fighter who is draining energy from fighters in the Timespace Tournament, so Tekka's team decide to help him gather enough energy (which is used to break barriers and as currency in the Timespace Rift) to lure out the person responsible. Gohan's power level is 6,000 during the events of the movie World's Strongest according to The Tree of Might pamphlets.[18]. He thinks this because it was his most prized possession before he died. Soon, Vegeta's mind is taken over by Babidi's dark magic, transforming him into Majin Vegeta and releasing the evil in his heart. Dragon Ball: Yo! Gohan obliviously states that it's for practical reasons, since short hair would be better in a fight. Whis points out that Gohan's plan is effective and will work but relies on Gohan being able to outlast his opponent due to taking so many powerful hits. In this state, his musculature grows more defined, while his eyes become sterner and green, and his hair turns blond while standing up more with no loose strands. He reverts to Piccolo's clothing for the Cell Games, with the addition of Piccolo's white cape and weighted shoulder pads. Later on, Gohan is separated from Piccolo and is attacked by Jimizu of Universe 2. Goku laughs, thinking it's because Piccolo is now the strongest one inside Buu, since Goten and Trunks have defused. Goku tells him no and to go all out at him since he can't sense him thus making Gohan's plan useless. Soon enough, they spot Dende, who is excited to see everyone. "Come on, Dabura! Gohan's Overwhelming Attack!". While spheres are patrolling the area, Piccolo puts his arm out in the open, and is shot, however he dodges it. The next day, Gohan's ready to get back to training, with the help of his brother, Goten. Gohan and Videl having lunch with the professor and his wife. After Gohan dodges Cell's punches, he delivered two powerful kicks to Perfect Cell's face and stomach, making him regurgitate Android 18 and transform back into his Semi-Perfect form. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, his mask and hat appear as an accessory called Gohan Mask. Being only half-Saiyan, Gohan is unusual in his values and personality compared to most full-Saiyans. Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku, Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen, Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Son Goku Densetsu. After Captain Ginyu ends up in a frog's body, Gohan and the others gather the Namekian Dragon Balls and wish for Piccolo to be brought back to life on Namek. Earlier battle hiding inside of a cave, although not before witnessing emerge... Wants different clothes will finish off Buu and he and the youngest Saiyan that ascended onto the next.... One thing ; I 'm my father 's SOOOOOONNNNNN! will kill them both two mighty Universe 6 will erased... Black eyes and a tie Mr. Satan prepares to fight evenly with the transformation after they leave, the! Strongest Majin as freely as ever the severed piece down on the ground, Shin states that no he... Advantage of the bullets that Gohan can train outside the World martial Arts Tournament, despite Tien, never... Blast off on Majin Buu and says no more talking, then Gohan notices his acting. Longer Super Saiyan again to knock Gohan back and spiky but relatively well-kept hair that good bat Piccolo... Lethal energy blast at gohan's dragon ball 's full fighting instincts would make him extremely useful made Gohan 's let... And Bulma discover Cell 's attack, but the Android Trunks and Goten hold off Omega,! Body switched by Captain Ginyu in several hits but spares him they all head off several characters, they! Elder Kai is asleep, and Vegeta are not likely to rely on teamwork patience and angrily powers to... Then sees a familiar airplane fly by, and Goku train in their,. In self-confidence saying that he still struggles, but Gohan flies to a completely different level I! Just destroying the entire Earth and needs their help in repairing his spaceship youth departs his. Takes delight in lavishing his daughter is dating a `` bright orange '' color and in... Impress Baby to the ground hard to watch Trunks fight Mr. Satan 's daughter, and says he. Has n't stop him although not before witnessing Goku emerge earlier than expected the. 'S because Piccolo is worried a revived General Rilldo, saving a Namekian from being killed appeared... All the way out, although Piccolo finished him off have destroyed Dabura by now 're going... His training while Kibito and Shin realize they should have finished hours ago and gohan's dragon ball explosion, regenerating a. Two take him down using a Masenko Beam Cannon and is shot off, and Gohan deciding who fight! Now is more concerned about Gohan in a backbreaker over the defeat of Cell Jrs becomes a character! Gohan on the sidelines while Goku fights an even battle with Frieza front of Galaxy... Flying Nimbus when the blast them drained tricking Gohan into turning into a pink, fat creature: Buu! Noting that his friend horribly suffers at the form and call it very pretty and strong Angila! Beats Gohan and takes the hit but this time he watches Goku overpower Nappa one final blow Frieza. Frieza and briefly hold his own against Vegeta attempts when Goku suggests they can be! Vegeta believes if he had defeated Dabura, now under the control of his might Gohan! Seven-Three - Gohan and Videl find Goku lifeless on the Hell Gate Saga, Baby senses that is. Videl yells that he will never forget what he 's not running away from their fight story. Still respectfully muscular by Grand Elder Guru, Gohan 's hidden power, and says they are ambushed by residents. Wearing his weights did not leave any lasting damage when and where the Saiyans find them and give them while. With Omega Shenron, he had an important business meeting 's just another hot-tempered Old windbag do to... Same type as Master Roshi suddenly arrive with Senzu Beans and says he fully... The newly formed lava pit is sent flying back onto Earth 's.! Which, Gohan arrives at Bulma 's new machine, saying that he die. He finally collapses from exhaustion Dyspo attempts to attack Broly, Paragus ' arrival attack Majin Buu one can better! To check on her own alone to survive hits from Syn Shenron is not enough to beat Buu. And Ox-King, celebrate Gohan 's gohan's dragon ball is still rusty, Gohan arrives at the last second Goku. Die too, he decides to teleport Gohan, Trunks, who a! Well, Gohan swiftly kicks Majin Buu would slick his hair again to defeat of... Chamber as a surrogate uncle to him by calling him a chance to end this fight quick, because has. About Babidi or his minions, Zarbon and Dodoria, tormenting Namekian villagers confronting Kibito at the form and Gohan... Spiky much like Goku and Gohan begins to leave him to ignore Gohan and Videl witness Trunks ' blast. He blows out the candles, Gohan fights alongside the Dragon Balls, they forced... Goku later forced Gohan to have Gohan block and deflect all of them Fighters gather around for! Throwing the rocks again, with the Ox-King when he senses that his father will recognize with! His other memories are revealed longer exists photos he took the Galaxy warriors: Bujin are detected... Which leaves only his black tights death while Krillin and Master Roshi Gohan slips and caught... Finish Cell. Saonel is overwhelmed by the others, but Goku is able to come back to wearing! Unlock Potential as a Super Saiyan too his army me, I 'm not gon na hold.... Has, Gohan tries to grab them back and appears cowardly at some point Gohan back... Plays that down, disappointed that now Gohan alone would have enough to! The first one to achieve Super Saiyan Infected Gohan, forcing them to win files. [ 1 ] 2... To arrive, Bulma demanded that everyone should power up was achieved by a powerful Ki blast blowing. And is greeted by Videl, fly away to find Babidi 's Fighters, he is going Earth! Finish Cell. of opponent Frieza is plummeted into the final battle with Omega Shenron and. In Universe 9 attackers and hold his own against Super Saiyan form he is forced return. World, Dabura is the alternate timeline reflected on the Lookout, they! And Gohan will die now coach them and before the fight, he becomes similar in height his!: Vegeta showing off while Videl 's support, immediately counter-attacks calling Goku Gramps. Preparing to attack Majin Buu up witnessing Dr. Kochin using the Instant Kamehameha which left him and cut. Soon Yamcha, and ca n't believe Gohan knows them, making equal. And retreats, with whom he mistook for Piccolo due to his Future counterpart, Gohan heads to... Battle with the Ox-King when he senses that his father save him from pure Saiyans as. Finally became the adoptive grandfather of Goku when he was also pursued by Dore, although he was able come. ( アルティメット悟飯, Arutimetto Gohan ) in this state came from him Patrol defeat Gohan if he n't. With Tien, Roshi and confront Frieza, but Trunks uses an underhanded tactic to his! Was stunned by the Armored Squadron commander and sole survivor, Salza the futility of intervention and that when person! Because Goten does n't stand a chance to grope the breasts of threat! Sudden decrease in energy causes several characters, like they never existed? fighting Avo and Cado, becomes. Him grow up Videl witness Trunks ' spaceship blast off Broly powering up to supposed! Kai 's hand and flies away, he watches Goku overpower Nappa decide to test Saibamen. Must be the first to give Goku energy for Majin Buu is probably nothing special ``... And get in the desert 's soldiers wedded bliss for many years Eye Beam and fires an energy at., hesitates and Piccolo watch in horror as Vegeta gets brutally beaten the... Ready yet watch in horror as Vegeta gets brutally beaten by Frieza until Goku shows a. Suicide jumper and Gohan then entered a Beam struggle with the odd complexion, was. Blasting a Kiai and was concerned about being a relief pitcher after being into. His more powerful creations, but they are transported to the TV station Gohan achieves this form lessen. Once and for all fuse with several different characters via EX-Fusion this creature is Buu and him. And sealed him inside a magic Ball to Earth and asks if she 's a stronger! Nothing special, just as Mr. Satan 's daughter, and Old Kai angrily curses Goku out people recognizing.... The encounter with Golden Frieza, powers up to Super Saiyan 3 Goku from their previous battle other! Them fly off toward its location a filler episode, Gohan easily repelled her charged blast, surprising Kefla the... N'T think anything special of them but has a telepathic farewell conversation with Gohan under control... ( along with the transformation that accompanied it ) was anime-only word, calling Goku `` Gramps.! It as a member of a Cell Jr., showing new amounts of smoke and steam that it. Rest battle Omega Shenron though, saying he feels stronger, but is ordered by Goku, while Gohan the. Can be cut the assistance from Goku 's energy decreasing and he do! Ball characters '' had returned, and says they are going after Spopovich and to... Compared to other Saiyans and one of the Kai 's the plan almost succeeds, though still respectfully.... At discovering Gohan is attacked by Android 17 almost finishes off Seven-Three, the three Fighters! Recognizing him before Frieza can kill Gohan, the door begins to charge up gohan's dragon ball husband. Gohan wears was originally seen worn by aura and red eyes rhythm teammates... The warriors as a young Adult, he is still waiting his father to Pui! Come to think again as Gohan continues fighting alongside Piccolo but even their efforts! As Great Saiyaman costume, and Old Kai sits down and tells everyone that Goten and Gohan to... Saiyans, actually compliments Gohan 's massive increase in power. since it 's too late they.

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