Club House / Shop

Rich Thelen presiding over our Wednesday night meeting


We are very fortunate to have a great Club House / Shop combination supported by our equally great Members!

Entering our club house you are at the Meeting and Demonstration room.  For Demonstrations we have a Powermatic 3520B lathe with two video cameras with different angles of view displayed on two 50″ monitors so that even those in the back can see the presentation .  With a membership around 85-95, we have ample seating for everyone and we generally have a high turnout percentage.

Powermatic 3520b

Powermatic 3520b

50″ Monitors









We have a tool room, which also contains our vacuum system,  directly behind the demonstration area .  Our shop area is behind and to the right of the demonstration area.  We have beginner Turner Classes, Boys & Girls Club, Learn to Turn Classes and open  shop on Saturday morning.     We have three variable speed Delta mini lathes,  two variable speed Jet mini lathe and a Rikon mini lathe.  All Lathes are connected to the central vacuum  system.  The room is also equipped with rolling tool chest, variable speed grinder, drill press, couple of band saws, air filtration system and other power tools that are needed.

Shop Area


Center of Shop

Jet Mini #1








East Wall

Delta #1 & Jet #2

FOR SALE _ Jet #2

Delta #1








South Wall

Delta #2 & Rikon

Delta #2









West Wall

Delta#3 & Bench

Delta #3








North Wall

Tool Chest & Grinder

Band Saw & Drill Press










Coffee and Cookies are served in the back of the room.  Microwaves and refrigerator are also available.  In the back you will also see our library cabinet (built by one of our members) which house our DVDs and books.


Cookies, Coffee, Microwave and Magazines


Refrig & Microwave


Books & DVDs









Separate rooms for Photography and Officers Meetings

Photography Room

Officer Boardroom

Office Computer






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