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DVD’s and books are available to barrow free of charge to club members and are kept in the tall wooden cabinet at the rear of the clubhouse.  This lending library is on the honor system, so if you borrow an item please put your name and date checked out on the index card inside the DVD or book and place it in the card box in the cabinet.  Upon returning the item record the return date on the index card and put it back inside the book/DVD. Borrowing is for one month or your next visit to our club house.

If you have a book or DVD you are willing to donate to the library please contact Dennis Ciesielski so that it can be added to the library listing and a index card can be made for it.
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On the magazine rack near the clubhouse door there are many back issues of variouswoodworking related magazines.  No check out process is required for these, but please return when done or replace it with a similar magazine.








For Sale

I am rearranging my shop and have two lathe stands that I am selling. One I had used for my chop saw but it was too long and the other was not being used. I was wondering if anyone in the wood turning guild would be interested before I put them on Craigslist.

The first is a Delta table 46-705 with a 50-332 mobile base. The table sits into the mobile base with a foot lift lever to raise and lower the base. Table top dimensions are 12 3/16″ x 39 5/8″ with table height of 33″. There is a space for a shelf but currently has no shelf board. I am asking $40 for this one. 

The second stand appears to be also a Delta since I have had other Delta stands with the same shape pads on the legs. It is all steel. Table top dimensions are 10 1/4″ x 34 1/4″ with stand height of 31″. It also has a steel shelf 14″ above ground level. I am asking $25 for this one. 

I am attaching photos of each. If you are interested please call me at 715-835-0802 or email at Charlene’s address

Thank you.    Kim


















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