Show & Tell 2017


June 2017

Rich Waller – Maple Platter

Dick Prouty – Small Platter

Tom Leonard-Padauk Pen

Tom Leonard-Ash Burl Platter

Ken Boesell-Cake Platter & Curly Maple Platter

Joe Nycz-Oak Salad Bowl

Joe Nycz-Oak Popcorn Bowl

Joe Nycz-Box Elder Bowl

Joe Nycz-Padauk Bowls

Matt Sime-Painted Oak Platter

Matt Sime-Disk Golf Spots

Matt Sime-Lidded Oak Box

Paul Meske- Polished Burl Plate

Duane Walker-Burled Platter

John Layde-Segmented Microwave Bowl



















May 2017

May 2017

Richard Ryan-Natural Edge Cedar Bowl

May 2017

Richard Ryan-Hickory Square Bowl

May 2017

Richard Ryan-Cedar Yarn Bowl

May 2017

Rich Thelen-Carved Basswood Egg

May 2017

Joe Nycz-2 Part Candle Holders

May 2017

Joe Nycz-Oak Popcorn Bowl

May 2017

Joe Nycz-2 Pine M&M Bowls

May 2017

Joe Nycz-Screw Lid Urn

May 2017

Barry Grill-Cherry Burl Bowl

May 2017

Barry Grill-Pet Urns w/Black Finials

May 2017

Jerry Lilly-Box Elder Lidded Box

May 2017

John Layde-Segmented Spiral Bowl

May 2017

Jeff Fagan- Spalted Maple Yarn Bowl

May 2017

Mark Palma-Dyed Bowl

May 2017

Mark Palma-Garden Bulb Depth Planter

May 2017

Mark Palma-Garden Tools

May 2017

Paul Meske-Shrink Fit Bowl Bottoms

May 2017

Tom Leonard-Multi Color Pen w/Corian Center Ring

May 2017

Tom Leonard-Bubinga Pen

























April 2017

Mark Palma-Bunny in Egg

Mark Palma-Miniature Turning Tools

Mark Palma-Lidded Boxes

Mark Palma-Candy Dishes

Joe Nycz-Wood Slat w/Wormholes

Joe Nycz-Two Vases

Joe Nycz-Two Pepper Grinders

Joe Nycz-Grapefruit Bowls

Dave Messick-Curly Oak Lidded Bowl

Dave Messick-Barkhouse Carving

Chuck Wald-Pine Bowl

Bob Hindal-2 Part Fishing Rod Handle

Jeff Fagan-Cigar Box Ukeleles

Jeff Fagan-Cigar Box Ukeleles

Barry Grill-Burl Hollow Form

Tom Leonard-Large Pen Unknown Wood

Alan Copas-Segmented Yarn Bowl

Alan Copas-Walnut & Maple Segmented Bowl

Matt Sime- Frisbe Markers

Matt Sime- Frisbe Markers

Matt Sime- Pine Bowl w/Pebbles

Matt Sime- Osage Pot w/Lid

Matt Sime- Osage Pot

Dave Messick-Curly Oak Lidded Bowl

Wayne Dubberke-Carving, burning & painting demo































March 2017

Jane Holme – First Bowl with Lid

Donna Maxwell – First Bowl

John Layde – Unexpected Blow Out

Mark Palma – Kaleidoscope Pen

Mark Palm – Butternut w/ Inlace

Mark Palma – Birch bowl

Mark Palma – Spalted Birch bowl

Barry Grill – Byed Vase, New Technique

Barry Grill – Byed Vase, New Technique

Duane Walker – Cup w/ Metal Deer Head

Duane Walker – Natural Edge Bowl

Tom Leonard – Credit Card Pen



















February 2017

Mark Palma-Lidded Box w/Hidden Watch Face

Mark Palma-Lidded Box w/Bicolor Dye Mix

Mark Palma-Dye Board Demo

Bruce Trimble-First Turned Bowl

Joe Layde-Segmented Bowl

Don Hindel-Candle Holder

Dave Messick-4 Yarn Bowl

Barry Grill-Fish Net of Walnut

Barry Grill-Segmented African Walnut Cake Platter

Barry Grill-Natural Edge Walnut Bowl













January 2017


Bob Eberhardt – Stemmed Nut Bowl


Bob Eberhardt – Small Walnut Bowl


Bob Eberhardt – Walnut Popcorn Bowl


Bob Eberhardt – Deep Walnut Bowl


Dave Messick – Birch Bowl Stand


Dave Messick – Lighthouse


Dave Messick – Tug Boat


Dave Messick – Sail Boat


Dan Groller- Rifle Pens


Barry Grill- Fly Rod Case


Rick Bauer- Hackberry Bowls


Tom Leonard- Claro Walnut Pen


Tom Leonard- Red Maple Bowls


Tom Leonard- Flame Box Elder Bowl


Fred Steffens- Box of Pens


Mark Palma- Dyed Lid Box


Mark Palma- Corian Cake Stand


Mary Weider- Bowl w/ Undercut Rim


Duane Walker- Spalted Birch Candle Holder


Rich Thelen- Carved Basswod Platter

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