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The CVWG dedicates this page for useful links, tips and others resources that novice to advanced turners may find useful.

Web Links

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Message Boards

  • Woodworking Friends. A rather small message board user wise, with the main focus on wood turning but also has pages that cover flat work, segmenting, and the ring master lathe. A nice small community on this page. Free registration required.
  • Woodturners Resource. A fairly active wood turning message board and ALOT of other resources for turning enthusiasts, so be sure to check out the other options of this website. Free registration required to view image downloads on message board.
  • Sawmill Creek. One of the more active boards around. Message board has pages for many other wood working specialties. Like the Woodturners Resource besure to check out the rest of the web page for their many resources. Free registration required to view image downloads on message board.

Tutorials from Alan Carter

Alan Carter of Lisle, IL provided demos and workshops at the CVWG clubhouse in March of 2013 and graciously allowed us to share some of the tutorials he has developed.


Wood Database

Web site by Eric Meier with an everything you want to know description along with photos of a large variety of Woods. It also many contains many articles concerning wood.

How to make your own
Kiln for Drying Wood
by Larry Zubke




More Woodturning Magazine, your online source for innovative ideas and detailed articles about the woodturning world.



Information from CVWG members

The Band Saw -The Lathe’s best supporting Actor     by Mark Palma

Everything you wanted to know about setup, safety, cutting bowl blanks and how turners use the band saw

Sanding and Scraping
(The Unspoken Taboo of Woodturners)
by Mark F Palma












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