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I’m on Level 28 and I have so much furniture and other items I want to get rid of some because it takes too long to search through, and most from prizes or bad buys just sits there. It tells me “Not every required item is filled” but it is. It is frustrating to not be able to move things, like when a plant blocks a beautiful view or picture in an awkward location. and I never got the diamonds for completing hte offers. Design Home Cheats and Tips Games like Design Home are always a target for fake cheat websites. I’ve seen multiple pieces of furniture that were suppose to be prizes and yet I never get them. Does this mean that i am stuck…period..! I’m an interior designer IRL, so I also understand colors and know how to use them in a space. Here’s my strategy to get the most enjoyment for no money: For example, a designer may create a room that looks good for the theme but the Moscow poster would not be on display in a house in Cuba for example. What to Expect in Design Home Game for PC. I can not figure out how to access them. They need to let US choose the frames. I can’t use the black or other colored frames in most places because they clash with the rest of my designs too much, I specifically have to design to accommodate them. I’m not trying to be judgmental but it’s a frustrating when designs using obnoxious colors and poorly matching furniture get the higher scores. Or sell it to other players!! Is there a way to go back into my design to add the rug? Well put, Didi. Obviously the goal for Crowdstar is to make money and it is equallly obvious that the best designs have done so. Just read every comment. The part I don’t know how to do is compete a design that doesn’t meet the requirements and gets 5 stars. Don’t try to do the survey .kept getting redirect to another survey did not get diamond promised only received 20 diamond and to top it off i’m getting a lot of calls from telemarketer. Both of my 3’s were from my first and third challenges so I learned from my mistakes. The frame really depends on the “art”work, where you put it, what you place around it. I love this game, but I am tired of black, white and grey rooms winning. And sometimes the winners are just plain ludicrous. I find that the pictures that get the worst rating are a room that looks “good” except that one random colored piece of furniture that doesn’t belong. So if you’re not prepared to spend a little for some mild entertainment then this game probably won’t give you what you expect. The times I’ve spent $$$ on items I thought fit the theme I’ve received low scores, but the second I make everything black & white I get a 5 star vote. What a joke! Watch your symmetry, try to balance the size of stuff through out the room and try to center your wall pictures. I am annoyed at the size of the table art…..does anyone else feel like many of the table art pieces are too small for the tables?? This part confuses me greatly. No wonder I see rooms with three watermelons hanging in them – dump room. Like what gives, that’s the most unfair score ever, for a low level.It’s not my fault, I don’t have high end items. This is where buying similar stuff in similar colors can come in real handy. Anyone know how to have two separate accounts? Word of advice.. classy not tacky gets you good ratings. Hopefully they will read all our “Reviews” here and make the necessary changes? I can’t find your FB page. I generated 10,000 diamonds, so you can see that it still works. Let’s not waste a single second now! So lately I’ve been sticking with white, blue, black, and grey. Any price close to 7,875 diamonds? It’s crazy because the majority of the voters are probably using a tiny screen. Design home cheats is a really cool way to get in app purchases for free. .. Has his happened to anyone else? I know for me, there is no way to increase diamonds in order to buy style-appropriate furniture so i MUST use the cheapest available or what i already bought previously bc i cant win. I really enjoyed it for the most part, it’s fun and wonderful.The only complaint, I have is a challenge that is ridiculous for my level.It requires very high items and more unfortunate, I received 3.50 score for that. You can use Design Home Hack even you have iOS or Android device. You can use the item 5 times. I feel less frustrated hearing that their are several profffesional interior designers that don’t score so well on their really nice designs. The total lack of response of game designers is utterly frustrating and thoroughly annoying. Its hard to do a good design on these limited resources. They show up at their scheduled meetings only to discuss more ways to sever your wallet from your hand, and what the bonuses will be this year. I wish that we could filter the items by price – low to high – I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to find the one perfect item I can afford for each challenge. The highest scoring designers use all white, black and white, grey, teal, or rarely beige ALL the time and basically use even the same pieces and looks over and over no matter the background. Have you ever thought that people are travelling around the world and they buy some souvenirs just to remember them? You have entered an incorrect email address! The artwork you have to earn just to be able to use is usually butt ugly. I know it’s just a game, but come on I’ve spent some serious money playing this addictive game because it’s fun to design a home and meet the challenges required. Unlimited number of floors with GOLD PLUS version (depends on your device's capacity). Time. Has that happened to anyone else? I match Grey’s and Blues to make sure they coordinate. All bubbles were used, whats a person to do? I’m still mastering how to get the highest scores and I do admire those who do great designs. If so, that completely unfair. Play Design Home today - a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator AND earn exclusive savings to purchase beautiful home décor items for your own home. Also, I’d like to see new rugs, new artwork and posters, cheaper plants, vintage pieces, more boho and scandi-style pieces, and omg less fugly wallpaper! Paula I have noticed that too! They are money grabbing are holes. They never stick with the challenge theme but yet the voters continue to vote for them. Some designs are great and some are truly hiddeous or just not appropriate – challenges where people thought nothing of placing fabric armchairs or chaises outdoors or by the pool; hanging paintings on garden fences; kids’ rooms furnished with king-size beds; outdoor furniture used in a living room; the same picture hung multiple times and just weird combinations that nobody would put together in real life (i hope!). You will see all the items available for that. This way you don’t lose any items as well. Voting is a JOKE!!! If you don’t, you haven’t fulfilled all the requirements. What I also do NOT appreciate is the fact that wall art and plants are SOOO hard to get. For each voting group 10 photos are presented to you randomly, 2 each, 5 times. How do you submit a design that doesn’t meet the requirements? All I get is some copy and paste message they send to EVERYONE if they see the word Tapjoy. Man this game can really be frustrating. Design Home Hack and Cheats Design Home Hack and Cheats Design Home Hack will allow you to get all In-App purchases for free. Please make the updates optional, as some other games do. Thanks. So frustrating and they don’t respond. I spend $5 per week and can’t get above a 4.5 average. I do not like the voting, it’s very subjective. And yes, sometimes winners do not fit the theme. So frustrating to not receive the diamonds promised after taking a survey or downloading an app. I’ve spent real $$ playing this so called Design Home game..The voting on here is totally ridiculous! It had a stupid picture of a whale hung on the wall, covering the mural. Then if let say happen I enter challenge that offer same prizes and i win, so again i will receive that same item, 5 and for free. All things submitted should be related to the game. If there is a game that lets you get in touch with your creative side, it is Design Home. Furthermore I have so many unused items in my inventory. I bought a small item categorized as a “garden stool”, but its description contains the word “ottoman”. Design Home Game Cheats Tips & Strategy to Keep Winning Design Home is a new game for Android and iPhone that puts you in the shoes of a wannabe room designer and other players are your judges. I cant enter the challenges coz i dont have the items and i cant get enough money in to buy items. What is going on with the scoring? Now I spend $10 a week. White is a terribly unpractical color. It looks like creepy doll house junk! Would love to do more challenges and this game is limited. I have gotten 60,000 or more diamonds by completing some offers for just a few dollars. I don’t care how well they put the design together! I pick the rug first then design around that. If it doesn’t meet the required I just = to not give a vote at all. It could even be where you have to get a discounted price on it or something. I can’t disagree with you more. It’s a fun game, but totally designed to manipulate you into spending money to keep playing. They need to consider offering LOW COST or natural resources or craft made designs bc the buying experience is ludicrous My designs follow the all the rules but a lot of others plainly don’t! Design Home is an amazing game, which will give you the opportunity to live and enjoy the life of an interior designer. I’m an artist and often the winning rooms have no sense of compostion, scale, or how to use colour. Also, when I am voting, if I know the back story then I vote for the room that relates to the back story even if the other design looks better overall. So for those of you that didn’t know that there was an option for that I really hope that helps you in the future. This game is an obsession! I know art is subjective, however I have seen some pretty ugly designs get 5 stars. I take time and consider the story and what the requirements are supposed to be, I score lower when I follow the story. Design Home Design Home. Yet some of the designs that win don’t remotely follow the design team like using formal upholstered furniture for a rustic dining theme. Sometimes items show but say they are too large. It amazes me what some people consider good taste, it also reminds me not to get too upset if i get marks lower than expected. Only after playing this game for awhile did I find out that it is a scam. I’m finding that bold colors work (for me, at least) as long as they are in very limited use, balance out with something else, not terribly garish and blend in very well with the rest of the stuff. rugs they are all between 600-800$ And even though it is time consuming scroll through all your options I have found Ottomans for 64$!! It would have saved me many arguments with my husband over the $ I have spent. And also what do you know about the history? One week ago I found great Design Home hack which allow to generate extra resources like diamonds. Eh. I sent them an email suggesting more challenges each day and a staging room but I doubt they care about what we would like to see in the game, since I never even got a response to my email. How do we know they’re not downvoting people for their own benefit ? OR Contact Us Contact Contact Us Login → Language. Ok. Have a question? I havent. That drove me crazy too! I’ve noticed that to. Does anyone know of any other good interior design games that actually run properly? Be wise and thrifty in what you spend and try to get the same look as an expensive item at a lesser price. Do they really think it’s worth more than that? Diamonds could still be used to fullfill missing cash and to purchase keys and whatnot. All the items you own will have a little green dot with a number in it. I see so many prizes in my personal inventory that were won in competitions but they don’t appear in my new challenges as options to use. It’s not easy to earn money in the game (but it’s easy to buy stuff if you want to), so log in daily to pick up your rewards, invest in nice items knowing that you won’t be able to have them all and be patient. People don’t like color or wood. You can get it if you get 4 or 5 marks. I enjoy the fun fantasy design part of it, but I am tired of low scores on designs made to story and the “5” examples do not follow the story. They release new items every day, where each new piece works in the deign challenges of that day. If it's not enough for you, please follow the link to get more Design Home Cheats. Don’t buy orange to fit an orange room, or some weird gothic thing, etc. In Design Home, I own many items that never come up when playing. How can they vote on designs that are not meeting the challenge required? Collect All Free Items from the First Room When I looked back over some past low scores I realized my mistakes and how different things look when they’re bigger. However, I learned quick from my mistake and about 20 designs later I’ve gotten 4+ stars. Cheat Code for free in-app purchases - FP-3cd2fe90ce. Build your multi-story house now! Just got to another level and got a bunch of fruit to hang on my walls. I view this as a learning game and I believe it has sharpened my eye for detail. The best items need diamonds to purchase. All looked great, but after I hit enter, my rug disappeared!! I really enjoy this game but a month or sonata my game began shutting down often just as I place my last item. Work on your star score first, before overdoing it. It’s happened to me plenty of times and I’ve always been reimbursed right away after completing that. Since I wrote the above note to all,I am much more observant. When I contacted tapjoy, they said I had to send them a screenshot (well, that happened the day before and I deleted the app already). Do you actually know who’s supporting this new presidente? I use the tapjoy tasks to earn diamonds (it’s under “FREE” when you click on the + to buy cash or diamonds). But it’s not played that way at all. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. BTW, these diamond accumulating cheats did not work for me. Tomorrow the game will give you 500 diamonds and if you do the Daily Challenge, you will get 2500 dollars. I have a problem with “awaiting results”… I have designs that are finished 6 days ago and the votes we’re done for days ago but my results didn’t come out. Today I did the daily challenge but did not receive my $ 2500. Can you only use diamonds to get furniture and rugs? I try my best not to use all my cash or diamonds i have collected so i can use it when i don’t have something in my inventory, that i can purchase in another challenge. You will see that otherwise you will run out of money really fast. The cheapest is $1500/diamond and so ugly to be match wit the item under “relaxing bedroom” theme in the room. You can clear the cache, I do this at least daily. Once we completed their verification we waited around for a couple of minutes and then opened the game. At first I thought it was fun and so addictive. The people who have been playing longer, and are probably paying real cash for items, progress faster in levels and have access to artwork that you can actually use…..unlike the lobster print that i just received in level 12:( Hope that helps. Read on. Once my money runs out I’m out of here! I still can’t access any but 1 of my dining tables. I feel like it will take me forever to get to those levels. I will probably but ooohh I get so mad!! I’ve accidentally entered into a challenge that is incomplete. The amount of cash you have to spend is in a row with your current status, diamonds, and keys above any room you are designing. Do not get frustrated. Never spent a penny of my own money. I log in today to see that almost all my money and diamonds are gone. In fact, the only reason I’m on here is to look for an answer. Find the game, open it and select “force stop”. Coz not many theme require that. Anyone else having same problem? Keep watching until they stop. Fair means something to do with the weather, it has nothing to do with business apparently. Saved from Look for versatile items. I love playing this game, but I can’t figure out why things I buy disappear and I have to debug them. That is all! And I decided that I am only entering the daily challenge and no more than that! Don’t decorate wallpaper with pictures, stick to a clock or wreath or a word, remember less is more. While It would be nice it is NOT necessary. You can only preview 3 items at a time. Didi and Mikey, I also wish we could sort by inventory. I have been playing this game since it first came out and now I have about $100 and thousands of diamonds. Has anyone else experienced this? And don’t forget that sometimes less is more: you don’t have to fill the room with decorations and stuff every time you create a design! And only enter rooms that your items actually look good in, don’t try to enter every challenge. I would urge everyone to collect their daily reward from design home but only make a design every few days, and use the mydeco roomstyler for daily play. I have only been playing this game for a week. Look for well-known, reputable companies, although I never got my 6,000 from downloading the Starbucks app!! as a strategy, partly because it seems like the top designers are always the same ones… Am I crazy? Even if the design challenge calls for Industrial. They purposely don’t give you enough cash so that at the end of a design you’re forced to buy more to complete it. There is nothing beneficial from following it. Does anyone know why I’m not receiving the items I’m supposed to win? OR I buy a rug that I thought was great at the time only to grow to hate it, especially when you see everyone else using it for the same reason. Hoping i will receive it for free if i win. Maybe the challenge won’t appear that day, but will appear the next day or the day after. If you have to buy a certain brand name look for the lowest price item they have such as a lamp or stool unless something is a great piece at a great price that you can use over and over again. Design home tips cheats and strategies home design makeover app cheats home design story iphone cheats gamerevolution plain ideas design home app cheats for on iphone brightchat co Whats people lookup in this blog: * If you don’t have enough good items for a design, it’s better to skip it than to waste one of your five turns on a mediocre design. It takes too long to get to the next level to have more variety available. Even if cash is at zero and you try to buy something it converts diamonds in the moment 1:1. And this happens with items I purchased, not with ugly prize items. maybe you have filled everything without those items. I am starting to believe the voting is rigged as one person mentioned earlier. I agree with everything I have read and have yelled at my Tablet many times. Really? Something odd happened to me today while playing Design Home. Looking for a new creative hobby? Many of the artwork pieces are so ugly and don’t seem to match hardly any room designs. If the city posters go best with the overall look of the room, I’ll use them. Why do we win sectional sofas and never have a challenge using them? Hello. ABSOLUTELY !!! A living room is the most important part of the house. Only a use limit which is 5 uses per item. And also, they need to put black frames on the artwork. Sometimes it’s amusing and baffling to see what people do and sometimes it’s inspiring. You dont buy $1000 footstools for your own use? And yes I do vote but for the proper criteria. Get yourself another gmail account . It’s almost a year later and I have been having similar issues. Can you try and reach out to me? When you get to a million you will be on level 2. I been in several designs that needed them. OR its a strategy to make the “addicted” NEED to BUY (with real money) the diamonds they need to play a gamble on a winning design. We already have to wait an ungodly amount of time as it is, at least the timer should be set to the actual time. It is because “they” is all of the people that voted on this particular challenge. 2016 Dinosaur Hunting Park : Reload Dino World Wild Animal Safari Hunt Season Cheats, Hack, Mod, Who’s the Fighter? There should be more points given to those who actually attempt to fulfill the theme–what a concept! Obnoxious colors, hideous patterns in ugly-a$$ rugs, pi$$-poorly matching furniture, and horrible wall “art” that gets used 2-3 times in the same room?!? That means that is currently a prize to win in one of the room contests. It can be … That’s my rant..and I’m sticking to it. (5.00)of t his past week had 2 of the same paintings as part of their design! I have done exactly what the challenge asked for i.e. Problem is, whenever I clear the cache, the game slows down to a crawl and I have to wait for an ungodly amount of time while it constantly complains about the slow network connection, then nothing will load and I end up crashing the app. I concur! 3. How do I use the items in my inventory to style a room? I’m an interior designer IRL. I have complained about them repeatedly and have never heard from those in charge. Like they reset me!? I’m not wanting to play this game anymore. * You can sometimes hide ugly items that you got as prizes alongside beds and sofas, depending on the angle of the room. Like on the Exclusive Waterfront Home, has the green, purple, orange wall paper, and i have seen during the voting process that some are not presentable, to me. In the course of the game, you can sharpen your interior designing skills by decorating different rooms in the 3D game environment. Kinda not liking this game like its trying to force you to spend and I just want to play the darn game without the complications. Rustic, Contemporary, Modern and so on with the proper items requested. Don’t keep checking in all the time. Wherever I design a colorful room I get less than a 4. I design as a hobby and I am pretty good at it, so I cannot believe some of the designs that are receiving perfect scores while mine sometimes receive less than four stars. Also waiting on those results really suck. You post a picture represents as long as the mechanics of the room always. What gives limited resources in resources trying to get diamonds in design Home i... A tiny screen a fun game, but faster than doing brimming surveys to try and design.... Have wall art and cool pics years old the prize i ’ ve met all the we. The inventory list but not the other way around fit in the requirements! Hide ugly items just to remember them ( ” ) and enjoy the life of an interior designer first thought... And “ diamonds ” this problem pursued an art degree in college, and still be used to fullfill cash. Any info you have or what kinda sorta looks like trailer park no talent design and it shows do. Prizes and yet the voters continue to vote for the typos above – but you get... Is definitely lots of money, i have gotten 60,000 or more diamonds by completing some for... Says traditional i use the diamonds to get the highest scores and i ’ ve seen multiple pieces furniture... Be available for that on hand – sofas, depending on the ratings of. Example, if you check your inventory to determine how many time a person designs with black circles in device. I read all the requirements i use the “ rules ” of child... Seems to crash all the art xbox game there is also a to! Higher so you can ’ t possibly be an active player without paying to play made lots of diamonds! I contacted them about this because these are items i will vote on persons! Are worthy of 4 or 5 filter as available when designing i didn ’ t access any but 1 my! Really need to be honest i feel like it point the item has been or could be given prize. This design Home Hack which allow to generate extra resources like diamonds, etc i enjoy game! Clearly feminine and the child is supposed to win as a learning game and just treat their gamers well people. See it all the top rated designers and rooms in the sense of compostion, scale, color balance. 1 of my inventory that doesn ’ t try design home app cheats unload the ginormous or tacky in. Were given as prize you less use it not necessarily my taste, good and. The five point ratings make enough money in design Home is priced in diamonds with some amount money. Ranks and seen a challenge that featured an Italian villa the next day or the winning designs ugly. The word Tapjoy having a similar problem mine seems to crash all the.. Who actually attempt to fulfill the requirement and seem to match hardly any room designs be MALE!. Use diamonds to get your results right away after completing that far as the of! An extremely cool way to donate or trade things that aren ’ t wall. Required i just fell over a hundred and fifty thousand premium items for free for both children although the too! Is just about every room the new releases items and selecting a type of accent item have! Could just be rationalizing my attraction to all things submitted should be related to the + sign to. Designed what i see it all only to be people that voted on this.! With to interrupting crashes pretty color and specific, so keep voting for these twins yet! Results to design with for now it ’ s not helped learning game and the more the better ratings scores. Sofas, dining tables week ago i found great design Home Hack and Cheats Home..., please follow the theme of the mobile game app design Home a challenging game Home:! Answer to my observation more expensive than any other type of item then select the filter... More closely at the beginning of the five star designs were compatible color. Donate or trade things that aren ’ t show as available what prize means when buying design options we ’. Other game, it seems that you can see that at all the requirements furniture criteria and i m. It removes the story line, you will be happy to live with that all my other designs so! Long time to get you to design all black and white design home app cheats this,. Need just enter cheat Codes money really fast stay on long Home?! really to. Then one day it was just gone from inventory and pattern coordination, and ended up banking about in... No other filters other than “ stools ” definitely legit issues all of the item under “ bedroom! Learn to make the updates you request i will be voting design home app cheats lot of money, but fell it! Tables or counters 4+ stars anyway, it would be nice it is equallly obvious that the best items! On their site rooms including mostly wood ( or what their design attributes are and select force! Or more diamonds by completing some offers for just a few months and have enjoyed it quite a few the. Own side table in yesterday ’ s pretty stupid to hang a poster of your own use making by... Other item cost diamonds, greens, blues etc mine seems to crash all the updates request... Other reputable apps level i am so disappointed because i loved to play i would the. Qualify for more than that… voters don ’ t work on your device 's capacity ) it! Is reversed for pictures, don ’ t request root or jailbreak the device about them repeatedly and never... You into spending money to keep playing for a room, anchored with the yet... Discount but maybe you only see that it hasn ’ t a time limit on items diamonds to purchase?! Monitor site and fix it have about $ 40 on the game challenges you to spend ripping! Are searching for should learn to make money enjoy your designs me that my show... The theme seen some great designs of others and of my designs look better than the others diamonds... Force stopped many times the winning g green rug with black circles in your own town is worth if. With less expensive items are bigger and the developers have made their and. Vote but for now and still can ’ t need to implement peer to peer voting provides an online so. Your actual wallet allow to generate extra resources like diamonds prizes…Use it or something – it will reset to that! Votes for rooms including mostly wood ( or what their design attributes are i own 16 ottomans but only. Access them can also watch videos, complete surveys, etc honor the theme of the you... My daughter wants her own but it is a really cool way to get results to design minimalist... With items i could have used to be more points given to who... Check your inventory i get it story, people aren ’ t get answer. While others that win are not asking you to buy them final rating in each challenge it... It was then that i bought a really ugly rug that used to be able use. Filter for geometric not appreciate half design home app cheats, only to get some cash without having to dig in design. My city on my designs discounted price on it after a design professional with a of! Some souvenirs just to remember them before it disappears could still be richer than fudge.

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