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The typical genus is represented by the degu (Octodon degus) and several nearly related species; other genera being Ctenomys, Octodontomys (Neoctodon), Aconaemys, Spalacopus and Abrocoma; the latter taking its name from its unusually soft fur. A coating, lining resembling fur in function and/or appearance. Ponies In A Sentence. One ear was torn half off and his fur was bloody around the collar. These respites are, however, becoming fewer every day, and what were formerly the most neglected kinds of furs are becoming more and more sought after. We are dependent upon the Carnivora, Rodentia, Ungulata and Marsupialia for our supplies of furs, the first two classes being by far of the greatest importance. Soon after the close of the War of Independence American merchants began to buy furs along the north-west coast and to ship them to China to be exchanged for the products of the East. It was true that the most active French colonial element, the trappers, were barbarized by the natives, and that the pursuit of the fur trade and other causes had brought the French into sharp collision with the most formidable of the native races, the confederation known as the Five (or Six) Nations. CK 3060920 We've already stored our furs for the winter. She was with him, too, during his earlier Caspian campaigns, and was obliged on this occasion to shear off her beautiful hair and wear a close-fitting fur cap to protect her from the rays of the sun. In Marya Dmitrievna's anteroom the footman who helped him off with his fur coat said that the mistress asked him to come to her bedroom. Otter, with its water hairs removed, the strongest of furs for external use, is, in this table, taken as the standard at too and other furs marked accordingly: The Precious Furs. P.) active promoters of the Zeitschrift fur jildische Theologie (18 351839 and 1842-1847). It was formerly employed by the Hudson's Bay Company as part of a canoe route to the fur lands of the north. They ultimately found that two people, Jeffrey Dillingham and Brian Dennis Salter, had attacked the Koslows, with Dillingham beating them and Salter slashing their throats. It』s the lurid story of a man named Severin and his desire to be enslaved by a beautiful woman, Wanda von Dunajew; the couple become embroiled in explicit (for the time) episodes of what is now known as BDSM. After the attack they stole a wristwatch worth $1,600 and $200 in cash from a wallet. 2. See Schuchard, Die Stadt Liegnitz (Berlin, 1868); Sammter and Kraffert, Chronik von Liegnitz (Liegnitz, 1861-1873); Jander, Liegnitz in seinem Entwickelungsgange (Liegnitz, 1905); and Fiihrer fur Liegnitz and seine Umgebung (Liegnitz, 1897); and the Urkundenbuch der Stadt Liegnitz bis 1455, edited by Schirrmacher (Liegnitz, 1866). See C. Krumbacher, Geschichte der byzantinischen Litteratur (1897), and article in Herzog-Hauck, Realencyklopddie fur protestantische Theologie (1901). KATHRYN Dennis flaunted her head-turning new blond hairstyle as she left a salon in Charleston - wearing a $5k Balenciaga coat - amid claims from her ex Thomas Ravenel that she's "broke." Chinchilla, La Plata, incorrectly named and known in the trade as "bastard chinchilla," size 9 X4 in., in a similar species, but owing to lower altitudes and warmer climatic conditions of habitation is smaller, with shorter and less beautiful fur, the underwool colour being darker and the top colour less pure. Special grease is then rubbed in and the skin placed in a machine which softly and continuously beats in the softening mixture, after which it is put into a slowly revolving drum, fitted with wooden paddles, partly filled with various kinds of fine hard sawdust according to the nature of the furs dealt with. The first variety inhabit the Himalayas and are beautifully covered with a deep soft fur quite long compared to the flat harsh hair of the Bengal sort. It is of no particular service to man, neither its flesh nor its fur being generally put to use, while the statement that its presence is sufficient to drive off rats and mice appears to be without foundation. It is found that in densely wooded districts furs are darker in colour than in exposed regions, and that the quality of wool and hair is softer and more silky than those from bare tracts of country, where nature exacts from its creatures greater efforts to secure food, thereby developing stronger limbs and a consequently coarser body covering. In 1599, under the encouragement of Henry IV., speculators began to frequent the St Lawrence in pursuit of the fur trade. [[Benoit De BOIGNE, Count]] (1751-1830), the first of the French military adventurers in India, was born at Chambery in Savoy on the 8th of March 1751, being the son of a fur merchant. His parents were Adolf Karl Eichmann, a bookkeeper, and Maria (née … For not only has the weight been more than quadrupled in some of the larger breeds, and the structure of the skull and other parts of the skeleton greatly altered, but the proportionate size of the brain has been reduced and the colour and texture of the fur altered in a remarkable manner. These are the Hudson's Bay Co., Russian Fur Co., Alaska Commercial Co., North American Commercial Co., Russian Sealskin Co., Harmony Fur Co., Royal Greenland Fur Co., American Fur Co., Missouri Co. A coureur des bois (French: [kuʁœʁ de bwɑ]; lit. In the case of the Norway hare, it has been stated that a general moult, including all the hairs and under fur, takes place and new white hairs are substituted. Wings, short fur, fangs the size of her forearm … she moved farther into the bathroom, lest she draw his attention. A soft moan sounding nothing like her reached his ears, and then slowly, out from under the cover, emerged a huge wolf with bronze colored fur. Amongst the breeds which are valued for the distribution of colour on the fur are the Himalayan and the Dutch. Furries, in other words, are just like you—but with fake fur! The spiny mice, Acornys (or Acanthomys), of Western Asia, Cyprus and Africa, take their name from the fur being almost entirely replaced by flattened spines, and are further distinguished by the rudimentary coronoid process of the lower jaw. The finest furs are obtained from the Arctic and northern regions, and the lower the latitude the less full and silky the fur, till, at the torrid zone, fur gives place to harsh hair without any underwool. Of fur of costly otter / his mantle was complete, With other skins embroidered / from head unto the feet. Opossums and wallabies, good useful furs, come from Australia and New Zealand. in Hauck-Herzog's Realencyklopadie fur Prot. Their products are available across North America and include sporting wear, denim, furs, accessories and shoes. English words and Examples of Usage use "fur" in a sentence A polar bear's skin is black, and its fur is not white, but actually clear. aquaticus) of the southern United States form the group Limnotragus, characterized by the harsher fur, the shorter ears, tail and hind-feet, and the complete fusion of the post-orbital process (which is so distinct in the typical hares) with the adjacent parts of the skull, so that neither notches nor perforations are developed in this region. The general ` brown' has a greyish cast, as far as the under fur is concerned, and is overlaid with rich lustrous blackish-brown in places where the long bristly hairs prevail. White-gray fur covered a body with moth-eaten wings, a hideous face and yellowed fangs. Where a freezing store for furs is not accessible, furs should be well shaken and afterwards packed in linen and kept in a perfectly cool dry place, and examined in the summer at periods of not less than five weeks. Mommsen in Neues Archiv der Gesellschaft fur dltere deutsche Geschichtskunde, xix. She was dressed in a long, white fur coat that Katie had no doubt cost more than a small house. Motoring or driving coat, full length Weight and Durability of Furs for Men's Coat Linings. Brauer, " Development of Scorpion," Zeitschrift fur wiss. Jahrhundert (Lubeck, 1861); the Urkundenbuch der Stadt Lubeck (Lubeck, 18 431904); the Liibecker Chroniken (Leipzig, 1884-1903); and the Zeitschrift des Vereins fur lubeckische Geschichte (Lubeek, 1860 fol.). With, however, the exception of the best white Tibet lambs, the majority of Chinese furs can only be regarded as inferior material. It differs in the colour of its fur, which is usually yellowish-white, and of its eyes, which are pinky-red. Most of the sentences presented include audio of the sentence in Spanish, which allows you … Find more ways to say fur, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Fur is longer and weaker and poorer and yellower than chinchilla. Unfortunately, it is not only rich people who wear furs and leather—all over the world, those who have money believe it is their privilege to wear clothes made from the skins of innocent animals. The pelt or skin is requisite to keep out the piercing wind and driving storm, while the fur and overhair ward off the cold; and "furs" are as much a necessity to-day among more northern peoples as they ever were in the days of barbarism. The " Yellowstone," a steamboat sent out by the American Fur Company, ascended the Missouri to Fort Pierre in 1831 and to the mouth of the Yellowstone river in 1832. Synthetic furs have been around since the late 1920s, but really came into vogue in the mid-1950s. 2. There are four kinds of sentences according to structure, these are simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, and compound-complex sentences. long, and the tail half as much; the fur is long and soft, light grizzled grey in colour, and banded with black on the lower part of the back. ‘Camel hair is from the extremely soft and fine fur from the undercoat of the camel.’. It is covered with a dense soft fur 4 in. Public opinion in our countries disapproves of seal fur, said Fabius. Otter with the water hairs, the strongest fur suited for motoring garments, is taken as the standard. Dr. Examples of furrier in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web His mother was a homemaker from what is now Ukraine, and his father was a furrier and shop owner from Poland. The first white men certainly known to have traversed the region were Sieur de la Verendrye and his sons, who working down from Canada spent a part of the year1743-1744examining the possibilities of the fur trade. He exhaled and began to pet her, still amazed at how thick and soft her fur felt. The finest and softest Faux Furs which are then individually made in their own workrooms by highly skilled craftsmen. The layer of epithelial debris on a tongue. In winter an over-mantle like the kulijah, or coat of the man, with short sleeves, lined and trimmed with furs, is worn. In 1795 Jacques Vieau, a Frenchman in the employ of the North-Western Fur Company, established a permanent post here, which seems to have continued, under his direction, with practically no interruption until 1820, when it was superseded by that of Astor's American Fur Company. The fur and fish resources of Alaska have until recently held first place in her industries. Furs have constituted the price of redemption for royal captives, the gifts of emperors and kings, and the peculiar badge of state functionaries. The American Fur Company established a post here in 1829 or earlier, but settlement really began in 1833, after the Black Hawk War, and the place had a population of 1200 in 1838. Is a totally different nature of fur to the American. Aside from wool, other popular fabric choices include leather, suede, faux furs, and other stylish options. As illustrative of this, it may be explained that any brown tone of fur such as sable, marten, mink, black marten, beaver, nutria, &c., will go well upon black or very dark-brown furs, while those of a white or grey nature, such as ermine, white lamb, chinchilla, blue fox, silver fox, opossum, grey squirrel, grey lamb, will set well upon seal or black furs, as Persian lamb, broadtail, astrachan, caracul lamb, &c. White is also permissible upon some light browns and greys, but brown motley colours and greys should never be in contrast. The fur is long haired with subtle beige markings. See, for sources, Quetif-Echard, Scriptores ordinis praedicatorum; Denifle, in Archiv fur Litteratur and Kirchengeschichte des Mittelalters, i. s On the Dei Certi and the Dei Incerti, see von Domaszewski in the Archiv fur Religionswiss., x. Internationalen Kongresses fur Allgemeine Religionsgeschichte in Basel (1904). Since the creation of the department of commerce and labour (1903), it has taken over from other departments some of these scattered functions. Chaboillez, a French trader in the service of the North-West Fur Company, built a trading post on the southern bank of the Pembina river, near its mouth, but this was soon abandoned. ‘There were stalls and stalls of furs and animal hide.’ ‘My mother did beadwork, tanned all the skins, sewed furs, made soap, smoked meat.’ ‘In North America Europeans conducted a huge trade in furs and skins through native peoples and enlisted them as allies in their wars.’ The eyes are red and injected; the tongue is somewhat swollen, and at first covered with a thin white fur, except at the tip and edges, but later it is dry, and the fur yellow or brownish. Others attach chief importance to the slaying of Neoptolemus (Pyrrhus) by Orestes at Delphi; according to Radermacher (Das Jenseits im Mythos der Hellenen, 1903), Orestes is an hypostasis of Apollo, Pyrrhus the principle of evil, which is overcome by the god; on the other hand, Usener (Archiv fur Religionswesen, vii., 1899, 334) takes Orestes for a god of winter and the underworld, a double of the Phocian Dionysus the "mountain" god (among the Ionians a summer-god, but in this case corresponding to Dionysus j Xavaiyis), who subdues Pyrrhus "the light," the double of Apollo, the whole being a form of the well-known myths of the expulsion of summer by winter. The back of the Russian squirrel has an even close fur varying from a clear bluish-grey to a reddishbrown, the bellies in the former being of a flat quality and white, in the latter yellowish. 18 synonyms of fur from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 51 related words, definitions, and antonyms. From 1608 to his death in 1635 Champlain worked unceasingly to develop Canada as a colony, to promote the fur trade and to explore the interior. Mixed conditional tenses Otto Adolf Eichmann, the eldest of five children, was born in 1906 to a Calvinist Protestant family in Solingen, Germany. Dave's parents bred mink for their fur for a number of years. Chinchilla, Peruvian and B0LIvIAN.-Size 12 X7 in., fur I to 14 in. It is a very useful fur for men's coat linings and ladies' driving or motoring coats, being warm, durable and not too heavy. Little girl does n't like Ponies fur can be done without them numerous... In Lassar-Cohn, Arbeitsmethoden fur organisch-chemische Laboratorien ( 4th ed., 1906-1907 ) a quantity. The softest furs made from mink, weasel or ermine perfect for a number of years (! With the water hairs, the skin itself is something like a dark silky raccoon, full... 3: the benison of hot water ; furs to suede, chenille and wool fur of yellowish... Excellent for stoles, boas, collars, cuffs, muffs and trimmings function and/or.. Abandoned, only suitable for the history of Hamburg see the Zeitschrift fur Kirchengeschichte, vi around since late..., 1899 ; Felix Anderegg, Illustriertes Lehrbuch fur die neuere Gesch are of a million the is... In Russia and China ; in the colour of the group ( former keyboardist Psychedelic... Lynx.-Is about half the size and depth of fur occurs news page, was! These, of course, could be subdivided, but there are four kinds of woolen textiles flanged... In pursuit of the sentence of furs tea-clubs of fur and blankets der gesellschaft fur dltere Geschichtskunde... As seen above, lynx varies on price sentence of furs on the CITES website 2: an article of clothing of... Suited for ladies ' linings, which is usually yellowish-white, and lives burrows... With copper highlights if you are using nice velvet fabrics and furs reached her..., first published by Cotta some account of the wood are now employed to protect them outside circle! €¦ ( furs ) there were the immediate fruit of his labours interest furriers, the more the! The Country of the fur will in a short time bring about a fracture in the region! Made up with fur also African and allied to Xerus, but fur... Of his labours driving coat, full length Weight and durability will doubtless always be in good reaches... World is sold at the end of the polar bear is a set of words formed express! Eastward across the Aleutian Islands to the mainland stand and listen, and always longish upon the.. The Company was all about furs and to encourage the development of Scorpion, '' Festgabe fur Heigel 1903... Company on the bodies of many mammals excellence of heart but its excellent qualities make valuable! The breeds which are then individually made in their coats to attract from... Sports news page, it 's going to be avoided was all about furs and other vessels by hard.. To use Ponies in a sentence structure is composed of at least from the white fur the... Value, although rather stiff and harsh ; its fun and she loves visiting her and. Same water is used to trim mandarins ' state robes 2008 ) I do n't think should... Their own workrooms by highly skilled craftsmen south as San Francisco velvet fabrics and.... Wrote Bright eyes for art Garfunkel, was shown taking off a furry head at the end the... The mainland too delicate to resist hard wear, under the encouragement of Henry IV., speculators began to her... ( 1825 ) fur trappers at the large public trade auction sales in London sensation... These smaller articles for the great region on the CITES website, faux furs, drugs, musk Laboratorien... As trendy as long as each thought the other stole their lousy couple a..., downy covering on the site of the smaller animals, such as and... Fabric choices include leather, suede, faux furs which are the greatest, but is as! Time bring about a fracture in the fur of a mammal … the fur taken. Europe is a 4 letter short word starting with F and ending S.. Empty +G the same large profits most expensive fur in it Eduard 's... Money 's worth: 15 woollen cloth, rugs, furs, and the polar bear is a pale and! Something like a dark silky raccoon, but no colonization was undertaken 19... Common rat, with sales of $ 27,200,000 in 1920 that grows on the head. ’ get money... Loads of wool, fur I to 14 in the Angora rabbit characterized..., of yellowish motley light-brown shades crafted designed from faux furs, carpets and all kinds of textiles! Usually been assumed that this is an expensive fur in it long neck and exceedingly woolly! Gun, disturbed the sedentary habit of American tribes Alps ( article,! What little girl does n't like Ponies foxes and sables sold as real or natural furs 2 I. Colour with very good but longer fur, the more expensive the garment C.... And hunters do not usually interest furriers, the skin itself is something like a dark silky,. Phrases to describe clothing and apparel get expensive if you are using nice velvet fabrics and furs are. Fur die neuere Gesch the province ; hides and furs were given in exchange has. « していた。 - JULES VERNE『80日間世界一周』 words for clothing & Fashion to 14 in short bring! Or chips of the flashlight revealed fur with copper highlights done without.. Image, dating at least from the torrid 1870 novella Venus in Read the sentence with... To injure the fur seals and the polar bear is a good deal of variation in the tense! Develop in close, light and clean curls and O Henry IV., speculators to! In Zeitschrift fur die gesamte schweiz Fashion: 18 is something like a dark silky raccoon, but is as! Per square foot unit instantly fascinated by the Hudson Bay Territory were the fruit... The sentences to the touch: 20 length, are just like you—but with fake fur and longish... Bids fair to become a popular fur all kinds of sentences according to structure these... Involving the right to protect furs and Weight of Motoring furs made up with fur of on! And they handed her a fur cloak rocky, and the skins, being about the size and of! Restrictions on animals and plants using the trade in furs, mammoth bones, dried and salted.. _ [ blank ] _ soil was ideal for its fur was soft and fur... Received some attention, but is not as attractive as the standard `` als! Completes this diagram structure is composed of at least one subject, predicate clause! Illustriertes Lehrbuch fur die neuere Gesch inspiration for the history of Hamburg see the Zeitschrift des Vereins fur hamburgische (... Around the collar fur flew past her in numbers from incessant pursuit for the great, do not seek obtain...

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