Welcome to CVWG 
A Chapter of the American Association of Woodturners
” When a man works with his hands he is a laborer.   When he works with his hands and his mind he is a craftsman.   But when he works with his hands, his mind and his heart he is an artist” 
Author unknown    “quoted in print by  Louis Nizer in 1948″ 

We are a group of enthusiastic men and women from all walks of life, ages, and skill levels who come together to learn, educate, and advance the craft of turning wood into an item of beauty. Our membership covers all of West Central Wisconsin from Washburn County in the North to Jackson County in the South. From St. Croix County in the West to Clark County in the East and all points in between.

We endeavor to:
  •  Promote knowledge and skills with presentations by outside professionals as well as members.
  • Encourage members to bring their projects and experiences to meetings for the benefit of all. 
  • Provide a forum for information regarding access to woodturning knowledge, materials, and tools.

Whether you are new or an experienced turner, CVWG is for anyone interested in woodturning who want to get together with like minded people.  If you fit this criteria, you are cordially invited to attend our meetings and become a part of this group. Anyone seeking more information can check our page  About CVWG ,  print our new  Tri-Fold Brochure or contact us via the email address at:

Meeting is the 1st
 Wednesday of the month – 7:00PM
Please see the most recent newsletter for the demonstration.
Social Hour 6:00 – 7:00PM
Masks now OPTIONAL and Vaccinations suggested.

Open House is the 2nd Saturday of the month  8:00AM – 12:00
Masks OPTIONAL and Vaccinations suggested.
If coming after 10:00 please inform us through email the night before at:

~~~~ Visitors are Always Welcome ~~~~

Enter at the north side entrance of the
Eau Claire Insulation building
1125 Starr Ave. in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
< Click for Map >

Club dues are $25 per year.

You can join our group at the meeting
At our Treasurer/Membership contact
on the “About CVWG” Page.

Prez Seyz

(From November Newsletter)

Our meeting in November was well attended with some new faces.

Paul Meske put on a demo on design, making, and using a magic wand. He gave a little history lesson on the use of magic wands. How the wand chooses the owner!  He choose one of the more difficult things to do on a lathe, ( Making long thin rods ), He did a great job and everyone enjoyed the presentation.

We are still making progress on the restocking of supplies for the Chainsaw event next year and should be almost done.

We are consolidating our shop to standardize each lathe, accessories, and cabinet drawers by color. That way we will be able to have the same items for each lathe. When using the shop please remember to use the color system.

We started the first beginning class for the season and all 6 students are doing great.

The Saturday Open House went very well with several new students working to improve their skills.

I will be putting on the next demo which will be on Christmas turnings.

I want to thank all the members for making this a great club. The quality of the turnings from the members is awesome and getting better. It is always fun to see members challenge themselves with new items.
See you in December



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